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It's 2020. I built a reader. It's 11+ MB and 530+ pages of essays, two books, and some poems. Staking out a field of operations of sorts. Perhaps you might also find it of use.

It takes every bit of discipline I can muster to make this a list of reasonable length. “for Now,” is the out: staking out a near- to mid-future terrain of exploration with the proviso that there is as always a supplementary bag of holding containing old-friend books, touchstone and secret books.

Synth is a reader for now. a staking out of possibilities for an expanded imaginary and practice drawing from revolutionary poets, feminists, anarchists, witches, theorists, and polemicists from the 70s to the present engaging political, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist action, cyberfeminism, technofeminism, xenofeminism, information wanting to be free, dreamz of a free web, the virtual, hyperstitions, and fiction as method.

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Now also available as an ePub on left.gallery