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Chiara Giovando and Lisa Radon
Section 6, Joshua Tree, California, presented by PANEL.LA
April 21, 2019

We carry with us what we need.
We find what we need wherever we are.

Tuning for the most sensitive reading, we demarcate a field of operations, a temporary autonomous zone.

Conduit, chrysalis, catalyst. We are prototyping ways, locking our fingers into the underknotting of the way things are or appear to be. So much information in our DNA, knowledge that’s been interrupted by capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy. We have been forced to recreate space for what we know to be crucial. We are grounding; we keep moving.

Our experiment is a sounding and listening, a sensitive reading and writing in equal measure. Noting emergent properties and accidents, exploiting cracks in the imposed order to prototype aspects of futures otherwise. We are issuing an invitation to disrupt the fantasies of realism with our own song accessed via a feminine extra-logic. We are re-remembering.

Here we alight. For a time.

This project is supported by a grant from the Oregon Arts Commission.