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Joy Stick

September 1 through October 7, 2017
Et al.
San Francisco, California

Opening reception: Friday, September 1, 6 - 9pm
Performance, Chiara Giovando and Ido Radon

Sound work with Neville Radon Kimball


Mountains are not forever. That’s what the sand says as the wave recedes.

Given the set of all manifestations of diversity in a unified continuum.
Given a synthesis of a manifold of relations which cannot be split apart.

Joy Stick, a hypothetical array of improvised levers. Amplifiers. Input devices.

An address of the system. The construction of a portal. To get from here to there, one must begin, herself, to construct the way.

Remember the future.

Shadow snakes. Did you see them? Children of the alignment of sun and moon. Ripples of darkness across the ground.

When there is an opening, there is an opening.

You can see cracks forming as they have before. As I have come to tell you they will many times again, before we can claim anything like liberation. Each time the fissures violently backfilled and reinforced. That’s what power does. Preserves itself. But after each new breach, when the system reforms in defense, it accommodates inadvertently, incrementally the new input. Erosion is a powerful thing.

Drop by drop.

Consider an insertion into the system. Clinamen trigger. Little levers everywhere.

We learn to recognize each other.

We move lightly.

As free.

We must learn to sharpen our blades.

[1] Under consideration: the proposal of speculative frictions; the exploration/recuperation of deprecated ways and means; the temporary autonomous zone as space for prototyping; projection into the future to imagine alternative presents; the material activation of the immaterial and vice versa.

This project is supported by a grant from the Oregon Arts Commission and the Ford Family Foundation.



Water always wins.