Rn 86 222

The Gate

The Orchards, Boring, Oregon
A permanent installation
Opening September 8, 2018 at sundown (7:34pm)

with great thanks to Matthew Layng, Kevin and George, Devin Ray, and Neville Radon Kimball.



And five seconds later, we were out of the universe.


when there is an opening there is an opening.

here is a tree, a field, dirt, yellow jackets nosing around, a swift. dusted black purple with yellow-green flesh. here is the burn pile. porteria’s ghost. here is the yarrow wheel, decayed plant matter and manure and seed and fingers crossed, and in it the octagon, split. just the dirt and the tree and the rock and the ash and the sun and it rains it rains and the bell. or say what is here is gate potential. bracket the setting sun with the rising sun.

what then, are the conditions for the construction of a gate? yes. what are the conditions under which there can be said to be an opening? yes. is what I am trying to tell you. also, I should have said “reconstruction.”

looped square. the net works. we, webworms. works capturing breath and transmitting as sail the wind to the line. vibrations or oscillations or a wave is a particle is a wave and what is tuning, ask with a slow inhalation and its inverse. yes.

a slant infinity where a surface is a surface is a touchpoint is pleated is or folded such that every point is right here now. I am trying to explain eight. the paradox of “deeper in.” refusal as well as refusal of refusal. pronounced as “yes.” I am touching words into being, touching into being, putting the g’s right next to the h’s. because I am making a promise. (these are words, it should be said, pointing to or standing in for words that don’t fit in mouths.)

here is an invitation.

what will happen?


// It’s operation

] hyaline surface bounded eightways
[ ] this apparition [ ] its reconstructed
form an indication is [

] a Tender [ ]
as tuning the Gate
] slant infinity [ ] her ecstatic maths
[ ] prerequisite [ ] bendings

knowing here and there as one and the same [

as implicated millefolium leaf and the pseudo-web of its root
undifferentiated [

] to enter in to deeper in [