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Select Solo Exhibitions

QRV, SAND, Phoenix, 2020

LANDER w/Chiara Giovando, PANEL, Los Angeles, 2019

The Gate, The Orchards, Boring, OR, 2018

Research and Development, ANX/Form3D, Portland, 2018

Joy Stick, Et al., San Francisco, 2017

Wholeness Engine, Jupiter Woods, London, 2016

Core for Out of Sight, Seattle, 2017

The sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere | Portland 2016 Biennial, Muscle Beach | Disjecta, 2016

The Condition of the Waters, Ditch Projects, 2015

[ ], Artspeak, Vancouver, BC, 2015

INFINITY INCREASER for TBA Festival, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), 2014

The Plumb and The Wave, Pied-à-terre, San Francisco, 2014


A Good Way to Invent the Future, 2019-20, Ditch Projects

PHREAK, 53cr3t 5p0t, Portland, 2019

Wooba Presents: The 2015 Honda Fit, WOOBA, 2019

Louwrien Wijers: Zeppelin Rooms, RONGWRONG (Amsterdam),2019

Touching Down Lightly, MOONMIST, 2019

Everything is Raw: Everything's Raw, Cranium Suite, 2019

Speculative Frictions, PDX Contemporary Art, 2019

The Poster Show, Phyllis Gill Gallery, UC Riverside, 2018

Discretion, Castiglioni (formerly Boatos Fine Arts), Sao Paolo, 2017

To heal a healing machine w/Mikko Kuorinki for Parantola, Titanik, Alvar Aalto's Paimio Sanitorium, Finland, 2016

Unveiling (you embrace me, as I am), Jupiter Woods, London, 2016

Holding a cup on a boar, RONGWRONG, Amsterdam, 2016

Zero Day in Six Weeks, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, 2016

Peripheral Array w/Mikko Kuorinki, S1, Portland, 2015

An Attempt at Exhausting a Place for Green Gothic, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle, 2013