On such a winter’s day

Introduction to Issue 1.5 of SOCIETY

Wish you were here.

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey flat high and dead channel. I am writing to you from the future from a golden golden state from a dream from the past from a time ︎

White Cube :: Black Box 

14 Notes Adjacent to the Work of Sarv Iraji

The moment of insurrection tears the scar tissue of history which would overwrite/erase both wrongs and wounds and any possibility that anything could now or ever have been otherwise. It rends a hole in the fabric of reality, revealing all that is ostensibly neutral, all that is business-as-usual, all that is “just the way things are,” for the construct that it is. ︎

And Now Square Trees

Almost imperceptibly inscribed on the dark steel of the haggard looking hand forged knife blade is the title of the exhibition. ︎