Recent Exhibitions


ILY2, Portland 
All the leaves are brown.

And the sky is grey.

Continually re-woven into the warp and weft of the Golden State is Marcuse’s specter of a world which could be free. Experiments in living, in being and becoming, in doing it oneself, in the electronic social, the freeing of information and sharing it. With flowers in your hair.

California. Fertile ground for the utopian impulse, engine of the fantasy machine, and of course ground zero of the 21st century’s dystopian digital reality.

On such a winter’s day.  ...


Veronica, Seattle
"We live in a society.”

So George protests. So the meme goes, and goes, twisting through the Joker's asociality, folding back in on itself like a Klein bottle, and finally dissolving/dissipating into everything and nothing. As a meme will. ...


Romance, Pittsburgh
Using abstraction to imagine the undoing of its hold, the artist’s practice enacts the slippery place between technology’s seduction as a ploy and the impossibility of avoiding the seduction of its promise. In this sense, her work takes on the power relations that structure our technologies and  constantly mediated condition, one that codes human experience, whether on screen or off, as thoroughly as media itself is coded.  ...


Melanie Flood Projects, Portland
The cypher. Le chiffre. The cipher in mathematics increases or decreases the value of other figures around it according to its position. It’s nothing, or is it? Something that appears to be one thing but is or is also something else. A steganographic move. Or/and after its Sanskrit etymological origin, “the empty.” Chiffre may also be translated from French into English as figure and, among other things, sum.  ...