Untitled, 2022. PC tower cases, redwood, aluminum, black sand, abalone shell, video player, MP3, MP4, ultralight calendared nylon, PLA print, bluetooth speaker. Shown in February 2022 at Veronica, Seattle.
ZERO GATE, 2022. aluminum, PLA prints, nylon, cordura, webbing, mp3.
Framework (, 2021. Aluminum, PLA 3D prints, microcontroller, display, power cords, tripod, selenite, sand, mahogany, latent electromagnet, bay leaves, mp3, mp4.
Redundancies, touched (a handful of sand > a handful of cloud), 2021. PC cases, aluminum, passionflower, ripstop nylon, paracord, aluminum tape, cat hair.
Lander, 2019. Panel, Los Angeles (installed offsite at Joshua Tree)
The sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere, 2016. Oak, selenite, King Starboard marine plywood, rock, test tube, 24k gold leaf, Apple mini, custom Minecraft server and world, mp3. Muscle Beach, Portland.
Every Flag is Black in a Fire, 2021. Shown as part of solo exhibition Mother of Pearl Gasoline Slick at Melanie Flood Projects, Portland.
Framework Zero (with Node Prototype, 2021 profilé aluminium, impressions 3D PLA, mini ordinateur, fichier mp4, câblage informatique, bois de romarin, cuivre, ficelle nylon tressée. Avec Oskar Radon. Shown in solo exhibition Count Zero Interrupt at Air de Paris, Paris.
Zero Day, 2016. Henry Art Gallery, Seattle.
Mag-Lev, 2019.
Taking the Stone // Siphonophore, 2021 sac à dos modulaire ultra léger MOLLE, tissu Paracord en nylon, impressions 3D en PLA, cordon de raccordement Ethernet, patch brodé 108 x 48 cm unique